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Cannabis Products




Herbarium 66 is more than just a cannabis dispensary in Needles. It is culture. A lifestyle all its own.


Cannabis Products

Cannabis Products

Our stores feature plants in all stages of growth. We have machines for joint rolling and oil capping. There is merchandise available, accessories for everything cannabis. If you want it, we have it, no matter the mood, occasion, or company. Most importantly, we have the very best of it, tested and proven true. At Herbarium 66, quality is your basic right. As such, we guarantee it.


Why Herbarium 66?

Herbarium 66 has legal license to operate a weed store in Needles. It holds us liable for our services and products. We endeavor to keep our license. In so doing, we exceed all legal obligations

Every product on our menu first goes for testing. This ensures the highest quality possible. Some tests measure cannabinoid and terpenoid content; others test for solvents, pesticides and other chemicals.

Your safety is our primary concern. For this reason, we ensure it. Not only do we test all products for contaminants, but we make sure they come wrapped in clean, hygienic and childproof packaging too.


Our scooters make delivering cannabis quick and easy. You cannot be any speedier yourself. Our large supplier network only makes us faster, which is how you get your weed in under an hour, every time.



Melissa Customer

– If you need help, then Herbarium 66 will go out of its way for you. We had a function that required enough edibles to cater for 30 people. Our plans to make them at home failed spectacularly at the very last minute. This store came to our very urgent rescue. We are forever grateful.

Ryan customer

– The very best weed dispensary Needles has to offer. There is no doubt whatsoever. There is none better. Service is impeccable, buds are magnificent, prices are reasonable. I do not go anywhere else anymore. Herbarium 66 always has what I want. Always. Nobody else ever does

Darryl customer

– I had medical complications after invasive surgery. The pain was unbearable and I needed to keep still. Weed was the only logical option. Herbarium 66 made up a custom package of very, very, very, very potent Indica flowers. I would not have survived without this. Thank you.

Lisa Customer

Review TextI have come to depend heavily on this cannabis dispensary for my health and sanity. Staff is always friendly and supply is always reliable. Delivery is fast, quality is high, and prices are more affordable than most. I highly recommend this store for the best weed in Needles.

    Cannabis Products

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