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6 Reasons You Need Weed This Christmas

Need Weed This Christmas

There are many reasons to use weed, but none more so than during the holiday season. Friends and families gather with much merriment. Such times can have their own challenges, however. Weed might just be what gets you through them. Ask any Needles dispensaries. We all love Christmas and creating memories together, but good times are always better with a bud or two in hand. Always.

Why Weed?

Cannabis can put the fun back into holidays. Unlike alcohol, it can mend some hurt relationships. It can make friends, create laughter, and turn the ordinary into high adventure. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, it might just keep you out of trouble too. Weed is calmer, happier, and just better for you overall. It does not cause fights or accidents. It does not break things.

A season without weed sounds truly bleak, especially if you find yourself in these six situations:

1. Everyone is fighting with everyone else.

Some families love each other. Some can gather without incident. Most, however, fight some. Aunts and uncles deciding decades-long feuds at breakfast. Children that just do not get along. Fighting siblings, parents, even the cat. Some have scars to prove it. Weed can help to calm everyone down. It can help them make friends again, have them laughing by lunch. It will take the edge off chaos.

2. Everyone is fighting with you.

Perhaps you are the black sheep of the family. Maybe you do something wrong. Might just be somebody wants fisticuffs with you. Some bud will go a long way in helping the situation. Firstly, it will calm you down. It will improve your mood, help you forget about it, help you keep your wits about you. If you offer your antagonist some, he or she is sure to forgive you.

3. There is expectation of exercise.

Some friends are active. Some family members enjoy the wild. Could be that some want you to tag along. If you expect to go hiking, camping, or otherwise exercising, then the right bud can give you the energy and boost you need. Some Sativa strains will give you stamina, help you go the extra mile, even just make you get through it unscathed. Such activities are better with weed. Always.

4. You are going out.

Whether you heading to dinner, going to see a play, or just gone ice skating, cannabis will enhance the experience. In some cases, make it bearable if, say, you hate dinner or plays or ice skating. What is more, weed is highly social. It gives you a chance to share with friends and family in a social setting. This will likely score you some much-needed points all around. Accrue you favors for later.

5. You are hungover.

Cannabis can really help a hangover. This season, it might just prove your best friend. It relieves pain, builds appetite, and perks one up rather notably. Perhaps more importantly, cannabis has powerful antiemetic properties. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, this makes it effective at relieving nausea and vomiting. Still, even so, it might be wiser to moderate the booze.

6. You still have work to do.

Not everybody gets a holiday during the holiday season. Some must still work. Most use this time for DIY projects, for fixing up, for completing dreams that you otherwise never finish. Weed is very good at helping here. Some strains are creative, inspiring, energizing, focusing, and will help to motivate you. If you still need to get up and do it, then bud will come to the rescue, every time.

Marijuana Dispensaries in Needles California

Fortunately, weed is widely and easily available. Needles dispensaries are popular, especially deliveries. You can stock up with weed for the holiday season, or you can order as you need. Herbarium 66 is open this season. We have plenty of deals, plenty of strains, plenty adventures to try with friends and loved ones. Our menu has something for everyone.

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