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Cannabis Products

About Caviar Gold

Caviar Gold brings the crème-de-la-crème of cannabis to market. The “World’s Strongest Cannabis Brand” is like no other before it. Using a patented infusion process, yet undisclosed, the company is likely the only manufacture with any real trustworthiness in the infusion industry. Frequently imitated by fakes, Caviar Gold products remain unique. Nobody can duplicate such a closely guarded recipe.

Other products cannot compare. No competitors, no brands come close to offering the quality of Caviar Gold products. The company is now collaborating with Ice Cube to introduce even more excitement to its popular range. Formulated by Cavi Mike, valued cannabis artisan, and curated by Ice Cube, the line aims to give fans the weed they want most.

These strains come highly specialized. They include Fryday Kush, a craft strain with Indica-dominant origins, and a popular Sativa-heavy delight it calls Good Day Kush. Bestsellers wherever they go, these popular strains sell in eighths and in pre-rolls. The company offers other award-winning delights too. Its Caviar Gold, Cavi Moonrocks, Cavi Cones, Cavi Creams, Cavi Tinctures, and Cavi Teas are simply famous.

Herbarium launched the Caviar Gold and Ice Cube range in April 2021. It proved an immediate sell out. Its popularity is growing. Available now in more than 600 stores nationwide, Caviar Gold is leading the infusion industry. Its products leave its competitors behind, outperforming each consistently. When it comes to innovative products in the cannabis space, Caviar Gold is always impressive.

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