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About Free The Trappers

We believe that nobody should go to jail for cannabis. Ever. Free the Trappers is a social justice campaign. Created by Herbarium to make clear our view against incarcerating some for plant that makes others rich, we put action into mere words. The company is passionate about its community, many of whom languished in prison unfairly. As such, we make opportunities from weed-related convictions.

This requires imagination. Creativity. A drive for social reform. Only those with past convictions for cannabis crimes can find employment at Herbarium. This is its primary prerequisite. Where so few companies and brands give any attention to righting the wrongs of the past, Herbarium is proud of its advocacy and contribution toward helping those communities most harmed by illogical drug laws.

For Herbarium, Free the Trappers represents so much more. It stands in solidarity with marginalized communities, supporting predominantly people of color. It recognizes the achievements of those most inspiring in black culture, both within cannabis circles and outside of them. In addition, the campaign insists on expunging criminal records, securing business ownership, and full decriminalization of weed.

In collaboration with NDCIA, or the National Diversity & Inclusion Cannabis Alliance, Free the Trappers secures employment for those who once paid dearly for weed crimes. The campaign specifically creates opportunities. Interns receive monies, skills, and tools to thrive in the cannabis space, own business even. It is imperative that everybody benefit from cannabis industry and not just a select few.

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