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About Herbarium

Founded on the core belief that cannabis is essential for health and wellbeing, Herbarium encourages all things weed. It curates curiosity, conversation and robust debate to advance knowledge and innovation in the cannabis space, while advocating for full decriminalization. The company is not your average weed brand. It is much more than that, facilitating healthy experiences into your existing lifestyle.

Herbarium is unique. Minority owned, this cannabis dispensary makes assisting marginalized communities its foremost priority. It employs those most harmed by the war on drugs. People of color and members of the LGBTQIA+ community make up 90 percent of its staff. All undergo extensive cannabis training to ensure consumers have the most educated, helpful, and friendly faces in town.

The company creates experiences. It is a lifestyle. Its core mission is to “Educate, Advocate and Elevate,” introducing the finest cannabis products into your most intimate spaces, reflections, and adventures. You get the herb you deserve, synonymous with the highest quality, purity and potency possible. The company cares deeply about the standard and authenticity of the products it serves.

Herbarium is a popular cannabis dispensary in Los Angeles for both locals and tourists to the area. It serves cannabis enthusiasts from every nook and cranny, with every taste and desire. As such, it guarantees the best, every time. From buds to tinctures, oils, edibles, topicals, and other concentrates, there is no better. Its store reflects the diverse world we occupy, in its staff, its products and its spaces.

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