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Cannabis Products

The Weed You Need

Our story is simple. We are the very best.

Our Promise to You

Finest Products

We only sell the best. No less. Quality is our primary motto and we take all measures to guarantee it. All of our products undergo testing for both quality and purity. This data allows you to choose the weed you need. It includes cannabinoid content, terpenoid profiles and even toxicity tests to eliminate any risk of chemical residues, such as pesticides and solvents. There is no finer weed in California

Fastest Delivery

At Herbarium 66, we guarantee speedy delivery. You will get the weed you need within the hour. Fact. Because we collaborate with a vast network of suppliers, we can service a wider area and we can do it much faster than you, most others, ever could. Our store is open for those wanting a more personal experience. You can come in and browse or you can call ahead. Choice, again, is yours.

Widest Selection

Our large supplier network allows us to offer you more products than most cannabis dispensaries in California. Whatever you need, we can get it, but we likely already have it. From flowers to tinctures, oils, edibles, concentrates, and more, available in Indica, Sativa or hybrid blends, there is no shortage of weed on offer. This gives you much to experiment with and even more to experience.

Our Core Values

At Herbarium 66, we endeavor to satisfy. Our customers are the lifeblood of our store. Without them, we would not exist. This is why we strive to ensure you get the very best weed anywhere in California, from the friendliest place with the fastest drivers and the most knowledgeable staff.

Our Mission Statement

Herbarium 66 aims to provide everybody with access to premium-grade cannabis, no matter their origins. To achieve this, we have a few rules that keep focus on our priorities. On our goals. Foremost is consumer safety. We comply with all legal requirements to ensure you receive only the very best. We get you the weed you need, when you need it, where you need it, and on time. Every time. 

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