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Does Cannabis Treat Diabetes?

Scientists are studying cannabis. New discoveries emerge almost daily. Cannabinoids are now mainstream medicine. The U.S. Food & Drug Administration already approved Epidiolex, which uses them for treating epilepsy. This move legitimizes cannabis therapies. Using active compounds in marijuana to treat patients, it plainly admits the effectiveness of using cannabinoids medicinally. 

As “cannabis delivery Needles” becomes a popular local search term, one wonders how many are treating symptoms of diabetes. This is an urgent field of research, one with promising results so far. Diabetes affects millions of people worldwide. All need emergency relief, from the awful symptoms of this disease, as well as the high financial, physical, emotional, and mental costs of treating it. 

The Diabetes Crisis

Diabetes is notoriously difficult to treat. It is also very prevalent. More than 100 million people have some form of diabetes in the United States today. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claims around 8.5 percent of adults have it worldwide. Back in 1980, it was less than five percent. This is a big growth for such a worrying disease. Diabetes kills. Blinds. Amputates. Indiscriminately. 

Diabetes is a leading cause of heart attacks too, as well as strokes and kidney failure. This is a crisis. An epidemic. It affects entire communities. It drains money and resources from people and systems. In 2017, diabetes cost the healthcare system $327 billion, with one in every four dollars taken from taxpayers. Diabetes is deadly. It bankrupts. It requires emergency solutions. Treatments. Choices. 

Cannabis and Diabetes

A complex disease, we know little about both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. We do not know their causes, but we do know what it does. It wreaks havoc on the body. Both types happen when insulin becomes difficult for the body to make and maintain. Insulin is a pancreatic hormone. It processes sugar. Without it, people must supplement their own. Some must replace insulin. Very, very pricey. 

Diabetics must monitor their blood-glucose levels. Carefully. To prevent the worst happening, they must manage its symptoms too. These can be debilitating. Certainly devastating. Blindness, kidney damage, even arm and leg amputations are common. Solutions are crucial. Mostly, cannabis studies appear promising. However, definite correlations require large-scale testing, still underway. 

Early studies focused primarily on two categories: preventing diabetes and treating it. These are quite distinct. The British Medical Journal published a study in 2012 that showed diabetes risk as much as 58 percent lower in weed users. However, correlation is not cause. Then, the Journal of Diabetes Research published a much larger study in 2016. This found no causal link at all. 

Understanding the Science

Then, the Diabetes Council suspected the anti-inflammatory effects of weed likely responsible for the relief from all types of diabetes that patients were reporting. Yet other studies show weed effectively stabilizing blood sugar, improving circulation, opening blood vessels, lowering blood pressure, and even preventing nerve inflammation. These are all symptoms of diabetes. 

As studies emerge, it is now increasingly likely that cannabinoids might well be more effective at treating this disease than currently available drugs are. Data shows cannabidiol, or CBD, delaying the onset of Type 1 diabetes and even preventing it. Further, tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is able to suppress the body’s autoimmune response. This means patients need less insulin during treatment. 

Weed could help Type 2 diabetics repair the endocannabinoid system. Issues here might prevent weight loss, an integral part of treatment. What is more, the Diabetes Council tells us that cannabis also lowers insulin resistance. This slows disease progression and might even prevent its onset. Further, cannabis offers anti-inflammatory effects that relieve secondary symptoms too. 

Heart troubles, eye problems, and extreme pain are just a few associated with diabetes. According to the American Alliance for Medical Cannabis, the neuroprotective properties of cannabis help enormously in the fight against nerve pain. It is also antispasmodic, which relieves gastrointestinal cramps, and it is vasodilating. This improves circulation and calms “restless leg syndrome.” 

Best Cannabis Delivery Needles Has

You need quality weed for diabetes. Medical grade. With benefits like these, it is unsurprising that more and more diabetics are choosing cannabis over traditional drugs. Emerging studies support anecdotal evidence, making it safer and more affordable for patients to better treat and manage the disease. You be the judge. Search “cannabis delivery Needles” for dispensaries close to you. 

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